Monday, July 27, 2009


No, no one in our family got a tattoo, something completely different. Every year, here at the base, they have what is called a military tattoo. Its kind of like an airshow, but different. They usually have fly overs, musical guests, lots of food, fireworks, etc. We went a couple of years ago, and had a chance to go again this year. What a blast. First, I cannot say enough about how much they have improved since the last time we went. The parking was easy in and out, like no traffic at all. The musical entertainment was fabulous. They had Aaron Tippin come and play. The aircraft flyovers were amazing. C and K were so excited to actually see a B2 Bomber. They couldn't stop talking about it all night. And of course, a 30 minute fireworks show that was awesome. The worst part of the evening: I dropped my cell phone in the field that we parked in and had to go back to try to find it in the dark. Luckily we parked in a rather prominent spot, so it was fairly easy to find.
K just waiting for some of the fun to start.
The infamous B2 Bomber flying over the skies of OH.

Waiting for the fireworks.