Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Because he had a broken arm and couldn't play spring soccer, we signed C up for T-Ball. He has loved every minute of it. He is not the most athletically inclined kid, but with T-ball, unlike soccer, he is really trying. He is running faster than he ever has, he is hitting the ball. In general, he is improving with every practice and every game. They haven't had too many games because of rain cancellations, but the few they have had, he has loved. These are pictures from his first game. It was about 60 degrees out and windy, so everyone is wearing long sleeves and pants. Yes, it was July, but that is the kind of weather we have been having lately.

Nice stop. Now, if we could get him to throw the ball harder, he might have a future in baseball...and being left-handed and all, it might just help out in the retirement area...We'll keep working on that one.