Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busch Gardens

I promise, this will be my last post from our short trip to Virginia (It was only a week). We seemed to cram a lot into that short week. But I digress, I will move on to other things from this summer.... after Busch Gardens.
Every year for the past several years The Anheuser Busch family of theme parks has done a Salute to Heroes. In order to recognize and thank the servicemen and women of our country, they have allowed each one, along with their dependents into a park for free. We have taken advantage of this several times and have been to Sea World in Orlando, Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay and Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. Since we were going to be close, we decided to stay in Virginia for an extra day and do Busch Gardens again.
It was a wonderful day to spend at a theme park. It was in the 70s and overcast all day. In fact it was too chilly to do the getting wet rides so we saved those for the last thing righ before we left. This year was a lot of fun. The kids were old enough and tall enough to ride several rides. They have added another little kids section with a lot more rides. We had so much fun.
Watching a 4D movie. The kids aren't juge fans of this. We thought we would give it another try. It has been a year since DIsney and thought they could handle it. Maybe we will try again in another year or two.

Riding one of the new rides in the Sesame Street section. K said this one was her favorite.

The kids got to meet Bert and Ernie, as well as a bunch of other characters.

K holding a real Lorakeet. C didn't want to do it, but K begged to be able to and did wonderful.

Drew hanging out with E while he napped. The kids and I were riding some of the kid rides in the Dinosaur kids section.

This is the only ride in the kids section that adults can ride with the kids.

C and Drew riding on the big bumper cars. They both got to ride the smaller ones by themselves. Its a good thing we have a while before they get behind the wheel of a real car.
We had a wonderful time at Busch Gardens and hope to be able to go back another time.


Lilola said...

Love the stories of your vacation! Can I go with, next time? :)