Sunday, March 11, 2007

Grandma's Visit

It has been a while, but nothing too exciting has been going on. We have kind if been trudging along. Drew has been spending all of his spare time working on finishing the basement. It is going pretty well. Though this is the first major project, it is going pretty flawlessly. We have done a lot of reading and studying on how to do it all and are taking it slow enough that we are not messing anything up. We are hoping that in the next month and a half, before Drew starts school that we can have most of it done. We are probably going to have someone come in and do the electrical, but we are doing everything else.

Grandma Glass was in town this weekend. She was in Columbus for a meeting last week and decided to come over on Thursday night and stay until Sunday afternoon, when we had to take her to the airport to fly back home. The kids loved having her here. They don't get a whole lot of opportunity to spend time with family, so they love it when they do. Grandma loves to spoil them too, so that doesn't hurt. Jana went out of town to St louis on Friday night and is coming back tonight (Sunday). Grandma helped Drew with the kids so he could even get some work done on the basement yesterday. We didn't do anything really big this weekend with Grandma, but it was just fun to sit around and play.