Monday, August 24, 2009


This morning, at 6:45 when I went to wake C up for the day, this is what I heard. Mind you, this was before I could open my mouth to say a word to him.

"Does it have to be this early?"

Yes, it has to be this early, and especially if you want to ride the bus. He did realize that there were other busses that were coming by our house before he could even get dressed, and he was grateful he didn't have to ride one of those busses.

He made it to the second day, and the enthusiasm is starting to drift a little. Of course, right after this comment he was up and out of bed because he got to ride the bus today. He was more than thrilled to sit on the bus for all of the stops it had to make (he thinks there were at least 30)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School for C

Today was C's first day of Kindergarten. He is going to an all day kindergarten, which suits him really well. He had a few hesitations last night before going to bed. Of course, he was concerned about what would happen to recess if it was raining, and what day they were going to get to go to the library. But, I guess that's my son for you. He was so excited this morning he literally jumped out of bed. Let's just hope his enthusiasm continues into the winter when 6:45 is awfully dark and awfully cold.

I can't believe how much these two look alike. And its pictures like this that remind me.
Drew took him into the class today while I sat in the van with the other two kiddos. That's what C wanted, so that's what we did. Drew said he had no problems walking right in, finding his desk and cubby and sitting down. He was right at home. Strangely, he has looked forward to this day since the last day of school in the spring.
C had a wonderful day. He loved going to art and getting to color. He loved listening to stories and taking a tour of the school. He loved eating his very own lunch packed in his very own bag. He loved having recess, even though it was inside because of bad weather. I guess the list could go on and on. Basically, he can't wait to go back on Monday. Yes, that's right, Monday. For some odd reason, they only started half of the kindergartners today. The other half have their first day tomorrow. Then they all come together on Monday.
I'm going to be honest. I missed having him home. I did enjoy the lack of screaming, arguing, picking, etc that has happened in this house over the last few months though. It seems that K and C have had a hard time this summer. I didn't realize how bad it was until I saw K playing with E and by herself and then saw how she and C interacted after he got home. Don't get me wrong, its not always fighting, but there is definitely some sibling rivalry there.
I also think I am going to have a hard time getting used to the new schedule. I am no morning person. And with Drew teaching seminary this next year, we are all going to have to be up earlier than we have been in the past. Things are going to be different from now on...
Now if I could just get my kids to go to sleep earlier so they weren't so cranky come 4 o'clock.
I'll work on that.