Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Fun

This summer we have been trying to have as much fun as possible. C is going to start kindergarten in the fall and it will be all day. This really is his last chance to be home for most of the day every day. So we are trying to make it fun and memorable. We have been bowling a few times. The kids aren't great at it. They are still trying to learn how to hold the ball and that you have to throw it forward and not just down. But, they get better each time we go, and they love to do it, so we will keep trying.

We have had a lot of friends over to play : old and new. Our date night group gets together just about every week and the kids all get to play. There are 10 soon to be 11 kids in the group and all of them look forward to playing, eating, and having a good time together. Some of our friends had family in town and they needed someone to watch their kids for the evening, so we took in a few new friends one night. Its so neat to see your kids make friends with new kids and really have a good time in such a short amount of time. Thanks Jen for the fun night!

C, Sterling, Maley, K and Garrett watching a movie.

We have been trying to make it to the pool on a regular basis too. The pool on base is free to get in this summer, so we have been taking full advantage. K is a little timid in the water and E has his good days and bad days, but C is like a fish. I think he would live in the pool if we let him.

Speaking of the pool, the kids have been taking swimming lessons this summer and are really improving. K will actually let go of the teacher and try to swim on her own. A huge improvement from just a few months ago. C has been learning the proper technique for the strokes and even learning to dive. He told me this morning that he wants to be a professional swimmer when he gets older, just like Meredith! We still have a long ways to go, but he has talked about it all day, so we will see how long his enthusiasm lasts.

Its hard to tell, but this is C, underwater swimming.

K on the first day she let go of Miss Taylor. Yes, shes wearing a life jacket, but for her, this was success. The next day she was able to do it without the life jacket, so even more success. I am so proud of her and how hard she is working and trying at everything in the pool.