Saturday, November 14, 2009


The kids were so excited for Halloween this year. C really wanted to be a vampire. Not sure where he came up with the idea, but he had a very specific image in his mind of what he needed to look like. He needed to have a cape, white shirt, black pants, white face, fangs and black hair. Not too hard really. K really wanted to be Sleeping Beauty. This has never been her favorite princess, so I was a little surprised that she never changed her mind. I made her dress. It was nothing fancy, but it looked like Sleeping Beauty and it kept her warmer than anything I could have bought. The kids were going to meet some friends of ours at their house. They live about a 5 minute walk from ours. When they got there, and had been there for about 10 minutes, before they even started Trick or Treating, I got a call from Drew. I stayed home with E to hand out candy. Somehow, K had walked out of the house without shoes on. Since her dress was so long, no one really noticed until a while later. She was halfway across the neighborhood by then. Later in the evening, C came rushing into the front door. He apparently lost Drew and everyone else, and decided to come home. Again, about 10 minutes away, and he ran the whole way home. I called Drew on the cell, and he was frantic "I lost C" Don't worry, he's here with me. ABout 20 minutes later he was able to swing back by and pick him up. Needless to say, I am very proud of C for being aware enough that 1) he was lost and 2) to come to a safe place and 3) to be aware of hes surroundings to know where home is. You can't always be sure when they are so young, so I am grateful that he was safe that evening.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I ran my very first race! I have never been fond of running. In fact, I have pretty much hated it my whole life. But, I thought I could do it. So, I started working toward being able to run a 5K. Several of the ladies from church were going to run the Ghost and Goblin 5K through downtown on the Tuesday night before Halloween. So, I started working about 5 weeks before hand, and worked my way up to the 3 miles.

I have to admit. It wasn't as bad as I thought. And, running is a whole lot different when you have a goal that you are working toward. I am proud of myself for setting the goal and going through with it to the end. I am proud of myself for running in the rain. I am proud of myself for running a 10 minute mile (I know, its not fast, but for me, it is). And, I am proud of my family for coming out in the dark and rain to cheer me on. Thanks guys.

Who knows, maybe I'll run another race sometime. We'll have to see.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trunk or Treat

I know, I am still a little behind, but here's to catching up.
Every year our ward (church congregation) hosts a Trunk or Treat. It is really ideal for both parents and kids. The kids don't have to walk as far, as it is from car trunk to car trunk, and the parents get to sit at the back of their cars, close to other adults conversing and enjoying themselves. This year was no different. Other than E feeling a little under the weather, the night was fabulous. It was warmer than usual for this time of year, so no coats were necessary. The kids got to get dressed up in their costumes and had a wonderful time. Not to mention, they got to get and then eat a lot of candy.

(That's E dressed up as Superman - this is the only time he dressed up for Halloween)

Earlier in the day, K had her Halloween party for school. All of the kids dressed up for the day and they got to visit the Trick or Treat house. They had a great time. One funny thing from that morning. K, after putting on her dress said to me, "Mom, do you think that Princesses have breakfast?"

"Yes, K, I think they do."

"Well, which ones?"

"Does this princess want breakfast?"

"Yes. Do you think princesses have Pop Tarts?"

"Is that what you want?"


"Then that is what this Princess will get for Breakfast this morning."

I love the fact that she really thought when she put that dress on that she was a real princess.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Half Marathon

playing catch up from September 2009
One of Drew's goals has always been to run a half marathon. So, knowing that this would probably be the last September we are here, he decided to run the Air Force Half Marathon. He convinced me to run it with him (which was a feat in and of itself) Back in June, while running, my foot started hurting. After a trip to the Dr. and Physical Therapist, I found out I had tendonitis in 3 tendons in my ankle. So, no more running for me.

But, Drew kept at it. He kept training and running, and running and training. And, in the middle of September, on a chilly Saturday morning, he was standing at the starting line.

He ran the half marathon. 13.1 miles. It took him all over the base and halfway around the city.

We are so proud of him. He worked really hard for this goal and reached, even beating his best time by about 20 minutes!

After the race, waiting for a friend, who ran the full marathon.
K cheering on her daddy! She was doing so good cheering for everyone that was running.

Finally finished!

Daddy with his biggest supporters!

Congratulations Drew!