Saturday, October 18, 2008

New York Part 3: Hill Cumorah

We were able to go the Hill Cumorah and see where they put on the pageant every year. I drove to the top with the little ones while Jody walked to the top with the older ones. As I was driving I realized that this hill, when Joseph was told to go, was covered in trees and brush and leaves, etc. just like the back side of it still is. There really is no way he would have known where to go to find the plates without some help. In addition, something that I didn't realize, the Hill Cumorah is actually about 5 miles from where his house was, so it wasn't like he was just out one day and stumbled upon the plates. He was led to a specific spot where he would find the plates to translate.

There is a monument to the Angel Moroni at the top of the Hill.

C standing on the hill, in the front where they hold the pageant every year.


Scooter & Emi said...

VERY cute pictures!!

Thanks for the recipe! We'll try it very soon! :)

Parker Family said...

it is so pretty, since we live up here, I can't wait to go and see next spring!