Thursday, October 16, 2008

New York Part 1: Apple Picking

It has been about 3, maybe 4 weeks since we were able to drive up to New York to visit my sister. The 3 kids and I piled into the van and drove all day to visit our cousins. We had a wonderful time. We were able to eat ice cream and play with cousins, and Jody and I stayed up way too late most nights talking or watching movies and eating brownies. One evening, we went to an apple orchard. New York is famous for their apples, and I can see why. The kids had a wonderful time. They got to ride on the tractor and pick as many apples as they wanted. C and K both ate about 2 apples, whole, core and all, in the hour and a half that we were there. They had toys for the kids to play with and we came home with yummy apples (I think I have a new favorite - HoneyCrisp) some apple cider, and even some apple butter to bring home to Drew. While there, and eating apples, Reese ended up with a loose tooth. She was so proud, and even lost it a few days later.

Here are the kids pausing for a moment from eating apples to take a picture. They were so sticky and dirty by the end. Thank goodness for wipes. And whats up with that smile on C?
Reese and C standing in the middle of one of the apple rows. The trees were short enough for the kids to pick their own and we didn't have to help at all.

What a fun afternoon.


Anonymous said...

How fun! We took our kids apple picking a couple of weeks ago, and they loved it, too.

I love the Honey Crisps, too. They are almost as good as Pink Ladies. Almost. I was bummed when the orchard we went to didn't have any left.