Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I still have more catching up to do, and even more things have happened since then, but I wanted to write these few things down before I forgot.

This morning, before putting C on the bus, we were talking about some of the things he is doing at school. He told me they were working on their letters, and they should be doing their last one today. He asked me what I thought would be on the Z paper (there is usually some sort of dot to dot or picture for them to draw on each letter paper). I thought about it for a second and said "zoo, or maybe zebra, or even zipper" His response, "What about Zepplin?" I asked him what it was, and he proceeded to tell me that it was the thing that flies of the football games with GoodYear on the side. I told him that was a blimp. Then we looked up Zepplin. (the whole time I was thinking of the band, Led Zepplin, as was Drew. That was his response when asked what Zepplin was) Sure enough, my 5 year old was right. Zepplin is kind of like a blimp. It's official, my 5 year old is smarter than me. There is no way I could homeschool this kid.

Yesterday was the day they celebrated Halloween at K's school. She was able to wear her costume (which this year happens to be Sleeping Beauty) and they did some fun activities (more on that later.)
When she woke up and got dressed, she came and asked me:
"Mommy, do Princesses eat breakfast?"
Me: "Yes, K, they do."
K:"Which pincesses eat breakfast?"
Me:"I'm pretty sure they all eat breakfast."
K: "What do they eat for breakfast?"
Me: "What does this princess want for breakfast?"
K : "A Poptart, I am hungry."
So, the Princess got a Poptart for Breakfast before heading to school for the Halloween Festivities.