Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthday Party

Playing Catch up from September 2009
Every other year, we let the kids have a birthday party. This was the year for both C and K to have theirs. So, when I asked K what type of party she wanted, she instantly said that she wanted a Princess Party. OK, no problem. Who would you like to invite? Carter, Tyler, Avery, Nathan...all boys. Not so sure that a Princess Party would go over so well. So, I tried to make it a Prince and Princess party. Still not sure, since there were only 2 girls she wanted to invite. So, we went a different route. We went with a garden theme. We had flowers and butterfly and ladybugs for the girls, and caterpillars and worms and frogs for the boys. It was a beautiful day so we ended up doing most of the games and activities outside. We painted flower pots and planted flowers in them, played "pin the petal on the flower", decorated goody bags with lots of flowers and bugs, went on a bug hunt, ate dirt cake with worms, and overall had a wonderful time. We are so blessed to have so many friends that were willing and wanting to come and celebrate K's birthday with us. The kids had a wonderful time, and because it was mostly outside, it wasn't too difficult to put together.

The kids painting their flower pots
K and Emma laughing at the results from Pin the Petal on the flower.

Singing Happy Birthday with dirt cake.

Eating dirt cake outside. Good thing, someone sat in it, and it ended up being way messier than I had anticipated.

Of course, everyone had to help open the gifts!