Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let's find C

As mentioned earlier, C started riding the bus to and from school last week. He is loving it every time he gets to get on. His bus stop was originally at the other end of the street. (Some of you may or may not know, we live on the corner of our street.) Our street is about 1/4 mile long. So, after the first day, I asked the bus driver if they could put a stop at the other end of the street for C. She had no problem with this, and the next day he started getting off at the corner where our house it. Yay! Easier for me because I typically have 2 other kids napping at drop off time. Last week, I think on Thursday, I was sitting on the porch waiting for the bus. The bus came down the street, and proceeded to yield at the sign, and turn and keep going. No stopping to let a Kindergartner off. Luckily, our neighbor was right behind the bus, and he followed the bus until he could let the bus driver know. Drew had also come home early that day, do he jumped in the car and tried to figure out which way the bis went. Craig (our neighbor) caught her first, and let her know that C was still there. She turned around and brought him back to drop him off. She apologized profusely about forgetting that stop. Since its new, she isn't used to it yet. Not a big deal right?
Well, it gets better. Yesterday, Tuesday, it happened again. Except this time, I was home alone (with 2 sleeping kids) and Craig wasn't behind the bus. So, I called Drew at work, wondering if C was smart enough to say something. We figured he was, and I would wait for the bus to turn around and bring him back. Ten minutes later, still no C. So I had Drew call the transportation office and let them know. They radioed to the bus driver and she told them that she would be bringing him back in a few minutes. 40 minutes after his scheduled drop-off time, C was finally the last one off the bus for the day. The driver once again apologized and let me know that she has been doing the same exact route for 6 years and has never had a stop at that corner, so she is still getting used to it. I can understand that.
And, apparently, C did say something, but, even sitting in the seat behind the driver, is still not loud enough to be heard.
He was thrilled to get to ride the bus longer than normal. Let hope that me flagging her down from the corner helps and we don't have to play the game of "Lets find C" again.


shannon said...

I feel your pain! Get used to flagging down the bus driver, cause poor Joseph and Daniel had to ride the bus for an extra 1/2 hour if I wasn't out there to signal the driver! We also had asked them to change the stop so I chalked it up to the fact that old habits die hard. But hey, you get to be on the front porch and that's pretty nice, right?
Miss you guys!