Monday, August 24, 2009


This morning, at 6:45 when I went to wake C up for the day, this is what I heard. Mind you, this was before I could open my mouth to say a word to him.

"Does it have to be this early?"

Yes, it has to be this early, and especially if you want to ride the bus. He did realize that there were other busses that were coming by our house before he could even get dressed, and he was grateful he didn't have to ride one of those busses.

He made it to the second day, and the enthusiasm is starting to drift a little. Of course, right after this comment he was up and out of bed because he got to ride the bus today. He was more than thrilled to sit on the bus for all of the stops it had to make (he thinks there were at least 30)


Lilola said...

LOL 6:45 is way late! Wait until he's in seminary! ;)