Tuesday, November 18, 2008

C's Birthday

I wanted to post a few pictures from C's Birthday. We started the day with donuts for breakfast. Some of his friends came to play in the morning. That afternoon we all took naps because we needed to rest for Chuck E Cheese. Yes, we went to Chuch E. Cheese and ate pizza and played games until it was past bedtime. Then, we came home for cupcakes and presents. C got lots of Transformers for his birthday, which he was thrilled about. He is stil working on figuring out how to Transform them all, but it will come with more practice. The day before his birthday they celebrated it at school. He had cupcakes and got to be the Leader for the day. He wore a crown all day and even got presents from his teachers. He was thrilled that they were able to celebrate with all of his school friends. It was a fun day for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Ah, brave woman. My kids love Chuck E Cheese. I completely understand why they serve beer there (if I were a drinking woman...). What a fun birthday for him!

Is C~ still selling those cards? I haven't seen you since that Wednesday. If he still has one, send it with D to mutual and I'll buy one.

nicole said...

Nice! Donuts, pizza, and cupcakes... that's my kind of birthday. Happy birthday to a kind-hearted boy! :)