Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Last week was C's birthday. He turned five! I can't believe that five years ago, our first child was born. What an amazing time we have had since then. He has taught us so much about ourselves, about him, about our Heavenly Father and about life in general. He is one of the most caring individuals. He loves to sit and snuggle with you and would rather be in the same room as you than alone. He is so smart. He loves to sit and read, and ask questions. His mind is constantly turning, wanting to know more and more. He loves to talk, in fact rarely is it quiet with him around. He can be so profound. He remembers the small things you teach him and then applies them to other aspects of his life. We love you, buddy! I am so glad that you are my son. I am glad for everything that you have taught me. I hope you had a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet boy! Happy b-day Carter!

Anonymous said...

It is SOOO amazing how much he looks like Andrew when he was 5 years old. Love them both!