Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break!

Last week was Spring Break for the kids. SInce Jody and Golden have made the trip from New York down here twice since they moved there, I thought it was our turn to make the road trip up to their house. Drew had to get some work done, so it was just me and the 4 kids for another road trip.

Surprisingly, the kids did rather well on the drive up there. Though, I was beginning to question my choice when I got to Ithaca and the temperature was 35 degrees colder than it was in VA. What was I thinking going some place colder for Spring Break? Needless to say, it snowed a few times in the 3 and a half days we were there.

Our first day there we decided to go to Rochester. In downtown, there is a children's museum called The National Museum of Play. It was THE COOLEST museum we have ever been to. We spent three hours there and didn't see half of it. There was a real life Sesame Street, a train and a carousel, in the museum, crafts, crafts and more crafts everywhere you turn, a Storybook village where C and Reese enjoyed going on an adventure, giant tinkertoys, video games of all kinds and ages, an arcade, a real life grocery store with working registers, and on and on and on.... It is one that I will put on my list to be going to again. In fact, the kids were asking, as we were walking out of the museum (and only because it was closing) when was the next time we were coming back.

E riding the carousel with the magic wand he made.

The boys mesmerized by video games.

Ryan and K riding the carousel.

Riding the train with Aunt Jody.

Reese, Ryan and C inside the Wegmans shopping.

And what trip to 'the big city' would be complete without a meal at The Cheesecake Factory. Yes, Jody and I are crazy. We took 7 kids, age 7 and under to The Cheesecake Factory for a meal. But, Jody loves the restaurant, and she doesnt get to go whenever she wants, so we went. And, the cheesecake was SO worth it.

Our next day, we decided to take it easy. We hung out at the house, played Wii, went to Wegmans for lunch, and had some much needed rest for the kids. This was the only day it was somewhat nice outside, so we sent the kids to play outside. Later that night, we were second guessing our decision, as we found a tick on Kallie. I guess thats what you get when you live in a place where deer frequent your yard. (I think we saw 4 or 5 while we were there.) That night, Jody and I stayed up super late to go to Target and shop, sans kids, and then color our hair. What more girly fun can you ask for with your sister?

On our last full day in NY, we went to the local wards playgroup. They were having an Easter Egg hunt. After they found their 10 eggs, we let the kids eat all of the candy (if they wanted to). Of course, K and E ate every last bit of it and C held off on his because he was "trying to be healthy." Later that night, Jody and I went to a Relief Society meeting about preparedness and safety. It was a really informative, really nice evening with some sisters.

The trip home was not as enjoyable as the trip up. It took us about 3 hours longer to get home. The rain/snow mix all the way through PA was miserable, and by the time we hit MD, it was straight rain, and it was rush hour. Not smart planning on my part, but ok. The kids were ready to get out of the car, I was ready to get out of the car, I don't think we could have lasted a minute longer.

It was a wonderful week with my sister and her family. I would love to go back, maybe when its not so cold there.