Friday, January 16, 2009

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas....

We decorated the house including the tree.

I did some sewing for Christmas gifts. These are towels for Owen and Layne. I didn't get any pictures of the Pajamas I made for the 5 kids for Christmas Eve.
I also did all of our Christmas shopping.
We drove to Texas (a 2 day adventure) with K having a fever and diarrhea the second day (not a good time when you are stuck in a car in the middle of Arkansas.
We planned and had a Primary Activity. It was Christmas related and the kids had a wonderful time.
We had a Teacher Appreciateion breakfast for all of the Primary workers.
I got all of the schedules, classes, etc ready for the new year.
Oh, and somewhere in the mess of all of that, we still managed to have a lot of fun, listening to Christmas music, enjoying the cold weather, and savoring the Spirit of the Christmas season.