Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Virginia Air and Space Center

Since we are in Virginia, we are trying to take advantage of some of the local attractions. One of the museums, the Virginia Air and Space Center was having a special for military families on their admission, so today I took the kids to see what all they had to offer. The kids had an amazing time.

C and K are both flying an airplane.
This is the two of them trying to land a space shuttle. C is trying to help a jet take off from the aircraft carrier. He is being the 'shooter.'
K is taking a 39 day trip to Texas to see Grandma and Grandpa.
There were a lot of flight simulators for the kids to sit and try out. They didn't want to leave.
Cs favorite part was the mission to Mars. We took a space shuttle trip to Mars and when we got out, we were really there. It took 180 days to get there. Good thing it was super fast!
K's favorite part was the candy exhibit. It told all about how candy was made and the history of candy, from the cocoa bean to todays crazy candies.