Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We were fortunate enough to travel to Virginia to be able to spend some time with Drew for Easter weekend (and then some). Because we were so close, we drove to Richmond after church on Sunday and spent the afternoon and evening with Grandad and Nonnie. They had an egg hunt for the kids and a wonderful dinner for all of us. It was a great time. C couldn't stop talking about how much fun the 'Easter Hunt' was.

Sorry the pictures are kind of out of order.

Aunt Amy helps the kids look for more eggs.
Aunt Amy helps C open all his eggs after the hunt was over.
The kids are snacking on popcorn and milk before dinner.

Drew and the kids are all ready for church. Drew and C got maatching ties and K has a new Easter dress.
K got Bunny ears from the Easter Bunny in her basket.
C is on the hunt for more eggs.
C and L are eyeing the same eggs.