Saturday, March 8, 2008


It started snowing here yesterday morning, and it hasn't stopped. It hasn't been really big flakes, its just a non-stop snow. As of right now we have received about 10 inches and its still coming down. We are in a blizzard warning until later this afternoon, and the wind will just not let up. It leaves for some interesting patterns in the snow. This morning, the kids and I went out for a little while, as long as they could handle it. I think they love to play in the snow, they just don't like it being so cold. Here are some pictures that I took from our backyard.
C got stuck in waist deep (for him) snow out by the fence.
K fell by the steps and couldn't get up.
The kids, along with Jared, our neighbor wanted to go down the slide.
Notice the snow up to K's bum. It was that way in most of the yard. There were parts that came all the way to my waist, due to the wind blowing it around so much.
We came inside to have hot chocolate and warm up by the fire. The kids could only stand to be outside for about 30 minutes. Honestly, I can't blame them. Between the snow and the wind, it was pretty cold out there.

After we came inside, one of our neighbors, from our ward, came over and started shoveling our driveway. I feel so bad because the snow was so deep. But, I am grateful that I don't have to do it by myself 6 months pregnant.

This is the front steps, after they had been shoveled.
Ned shoveled half of the driveway, and 10 minutes later you can't even tell. Notice how tall the snow is piled next to the mailbox.
This is the street next to our house. Its been plowed, about an hour earlier. Its hard to tell, but with the wind and snow continuing to fall, it all pretty much looks like this.


Jody said...

You need to rename your blog: "The adventures of Super Noodle and Wonder Donut!!"

MaryAnn said...

Hmmm, not really missing Ohio right now. But I'm glad you have nice ward members!

Jody said...

I love the new header but you will have to change it again as soon as the new one comes. I wonder what his super hero name will be?? Maybe Urinate boy or if he is like Reese he can be Puke monster!!