Sunday, January 27, 2008

Comin at ya from the beach

I figured I would take a minute to let everyone know that I made it out here fine and am doing well. I definitely cannot complain about deploying to Hampton, VA, while all of my fellow troops are deploying to the desert and other such places. In one aspect I do believe this may be a little harder. On a deployment overseas, you are working 7 days a week, long hours. Here, I am working fairly normal hours and have plenty of time sitting at home alone. I have been able to do home work and talk to Jana help the time pass by a little faster, but it still gets pretty lonely. As soon as I get together with my mom, I will have a camera and will take some photos to share.

Let me tell you something, the Army and the Air Force are different. I have always "known" of the difference, but this is a relearning experience. I drove around the BEAUTIFUL Fort Monroe yesterday looking for the gym. I had a map of the base, but wanted to see it firsthand. The map had a marking for an "Airfield." Being in the Air Force, you can imagine what I expected. Instead, it was a windsock on a running trail. I guess if you want to land a remote control airplane, that would probably work. This is a really cool fort. It was founded by John Smith in the 1600s (Ft Monroe) to protect the entrance to Hampton Roads. One of the coolest features of the fort is a huge moat in the middle. Inside of the moat, are several buildings, to include one of Gen Robert E. Lee's quarters and many other historic buildings.


Jill said...

It's good to hear from you. Tyler & I were apart for nine months 2 years ago - it stinks. Tyler was really lonely. One thing he did to try to pass the time was going out with the missionaries. :o)

Saquel25 said...

I'm jealous. We were stationed at Langley before moving here. We went picnicking at Ft.Monroe and did 4ths of July on the beach at Yorktown. Not knocking Ohio but there's not really much of a comparison. Our house is probably the most historical thing around here!