Thursday, January 31, 2008


There are days like today and weeks like this week when I really, really, really appreciate my husband. I know, I appreciate him all of the time, but I do so more when he is not around. It seems like its the little things that he can and does help out with that mean the most.
Yesterday, while we were at the YMCA, K was playing in the tubes (similar to the ones at McDonalds) and she hit her arm pretty bad. It wasn't looking so good, so I took her to the ER. Luckily a friend was there, and she took C home with her so I didn't have to worry about entertaining the two of them in the waiting room. After 2 and a half hours, the doctor came in and told us it was broken. She broke both bones in her right arm just above the wrist. They put a splint on it and then told us to come back tomorrow to get a cast. So, we left the hospital and went to pick up C. He was at the church for the Pinewood Derby, so we ended up staying until after 8:00. K and I still hadn't eaten dinner yet, so we ended up stopping somewhere on the way home.
This afternoon, after lunch we went back to the hospital to get a cast for K's arm. She chose neon pink (like any girl would do, I suppose). We came home and everything seemed as though it would be fine. Until after dinner tonight. She came to me and said, "Mama, my head is dying." So I picked her up and let her lay her head down for a few minutes. Thankfully I was smart enough to get her shirt off of her and send C upstairs for rags and a blanket. Not 5 minutes later the throwing up began. She had a migraine, and here I was trying to get her to not turn her head in one direction so she wouldn't puke on her cast, keep it away from the furniture, keep as much of it off of her as possible, etc. And, it was bedtime, so I had to put C to bed (pajamas, story, scriptures, the whole works) while trying to keep her from making a mess everywhere and holding onto her, because thats all she wants when this happens.
Needless to say, there are days I realize how much an extra set of hands can be when taking care of little ones, and I am so grateful that I have a loving and supportive husband who is there for me (when hes not deployed). When he is gone, it makes me realize how lucky and blessed I truly am.


Drew said...

Luv ya, Babe. I would rather be there cleaning up puke with you than sitting here all alone in my beach house listening to the waves crash. Sounds fake, but it is true.

Rebecca said...


I am sorry you have to deal with that! It always seems that things come along during deployments that really test your sanity. James broke his arm when Steve left on a deployment a couple of years ago, right when I thought I couldn't take anymore! Don't forget, a blessing for you can really help!
Take care!