Monday, August 27, 2007

Okay, We Are Back From The Beach

Sorry it took so long to get these downloaded. We have just been busy and haven't had the time. We had an absolute blast at the beach. I think the motto of the week was "Do a whole lot nothing, and eat a whole lot of everything." We were able to spend every day out at the beach. It rained one night, but that was while we were all inside asleep. We would go down to the beach for a couple hours in the morning before it go too hot, come back to the beachhouse (about 200 yds from the beach) and have lunch, nap or swim (your choice), dinner (together with everyone and each couple got one free night of Grandma babysitting so they could go on a date), and then relaxing or hot tubbing for the rest of the night. It is always so good for the kids to be able to spend time with family since we are not real close in proximity to any of them.

We drove down to VA on Sat and stopped at Grandma Glass' house for the night. Sun morning we woke up and went to church at the ward where Drew was baptized and were able to see some old friends. What a treat it was to be able to see the family that introduced Drew to the Gospel and all the other people that were still there. After church, we headed down to the beachhouse and got there about 3:00ish. We then spent the week "doing a whole lot of nothing, and eating a whole lot of everything." We left after dinner on Friday night and headed back up to VA to spend the next 2 nights with Granddad and Nonnie. It was so good to get to spend the day with them. C helped Granddad wash Nonnie's car and then just hung out for a while. Everyone (Zach - Stepbrother, Terra-stepsister, and Geoff-stepbrother-in-law) all came over for dinner and to hang out. We love all of them and they are so good with the kids. We are just waiting for Terra and Geoff to have some kids of their own (hint, hint). We got up Sun morning and hit the road for the long 8.5 hour journey home.

The last 2 pictures are proof as to how much fun the kids had on vacation. They were just worn out from playing non-stop for over a week. Thank you to everyone. We love all of ya. Enjoy the pics.

Beach Pictures


glittersmama said...

Holy cow. My eyes are very green right now! I'm pretty sure that I could live there--no problem.

I love the picture of Kallie in her little green chair...just taking it all in. And the ones of them completely sacked out--classic.

Jody said...

We know you are back from the beach. Whats up now?