Wednesday, February 7, 2007


We got about six inches of snow yesterday, so Daddy got off work early. We were very ill-prepared and so Daddy had to go to the store to buy a sled. We all went over to the big hill near the house and sledded for an hour or so. C surprised us. He is not usually the "daredevil" type, but he could not get enough of it. He kicked Daddy off after the first trip and it was all flying solo after that. K enjoyed it, but was a little more indifferent to the whole experience. All day today, C has been begging to go outside and play. He has been out to play like 4 times and can't get enough. He loves making snow angels and he even made his first snowman (not too impressive since the snow is very powdery and not good to pack tight). Daddy got home from the gym, worn out, and C put on the "Please Daddy" eyes and so we went out and played some more. Luckily the stomach grumbling and the smell of dinner beckoned us in.