Saturday, February 17, 2007

Now This Is Snow!!

Well, we thought we had gotten some snow with that storm a couple weeeks ago, but we were just getting prepared for this past week. The cold weather started on Monday with the windchills in the negative 20's. Monday night, the snow started. It snowed fo about 12 hours or so and then it turned into freezing rain for a couple hours. After that, it turned back to snow. Overall, we got about 8-10 inches of snow with somewhere between 1/2 - 3/4 inch of ice.

The base was closed and so I didn't have to go to work on Tuesday or Wednesday. I think we were all starting to get a little Cabin Fever by Wed morning. C really wanted to go outside and play, so eventually, after many hors of snow-blowing and shoveling, we went outside for a little while. We went over to the hill in the culdesac and went sledding and then built a snow fort. Both kids surprisingly loved the snow. They did not want to go back in the house. When Daddy's face started hurting, we decided it was time to go in. So, the kids had a blast and Dad got quite the back workout from shoveling snow and ice. Mommy had a good time just getting a little break from the day-to-day routine of watching the kids all day while I go to work. Overall, I think everyone had a lot of fun. We are in Roanoke this weekend visiting with Grandma, Amy, Layne and Dale. We came to see Meredith swim in a meet at Radford and also to visit with my Great-Uncle James and Great-Aunt Leta.


MaryAnn said...

I am so glad we converted you to the blog! It makes it so much easier to leave the country when we feel like we'll still be able to keep in contact with people like this. Love the pictures and update - keep it coming!
Love, the Andersons