Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

I was once stopped at a gas station on the west side of Orlando, FL where a gentleman, about 30 yrs old, was filling up at the pump next to me. He saw the base decal in my window and asked if I was in the military. I told him that I was and he said that he was in the Army Reserves. He said that he was on his way to base for his Reserve Weekend. He said that his commander had talked to his unit on the last Reserve Weekend and told them that we all enjoy people thanking us for our service. He reminded them how it makes us all feel good to acknowledge the efforts of our older generation that has served before us, but he asked, “How often do we thank each other for what we do? How often do we thank our brothers and sisters in arms for their sacrifice and dedication?” His commander challenged them to go out and thank a fellow brother or sister in arms. He thanked me for all that I do, and then he popped me a salute that only the sincerest of persons could render. As I returned his salute, I stood there and promised to myself that I would take his commander’s challenge, and so that is what I do today. From one soldier to another,
Thank You


glittersmama said...

Nice post. Thank you!