Monday, September 17, 2007

Camping/Canoeing Trip

For Labor Day weekend and our 8-year anniversary (yes, how romantic), we decided to go camoing at Morgan Livery in Monroe. We set up camp on Thursday night and then when we woke up on Friday, we went canoeing down the Little Miami River. It was K's first canoe trip and she handled it very well. She sat in the bottom of the canoe and then would go from side to side putting her hands in the water. C had a blast up in the front with his paddle. He would ask "Daddy, can I put my paddle in the water now?" We canoed for a couple hours and the kids were pretty beat after that. We sat around and did "camping stuff" like smores, foil dinners and skipping rocks. We woke up Saturday morning and packed up camp and came home. It was a great time and we would definitely recommend this place to anyone.
Camping Pictures

Other than that, we have been plugging along. (work, school, primary, Young Men's, etc...) Everyone is doing well and trying to enjoy the nice weather before the cold weather comes.


glittersmama said...

Wow! Such a romantic anniversary celebration. I'm glad y'all had fun.

Jody said...

Sounds like fun. We don't even own a tent so that will not be happening in our family anytime soon. How is it camping with little kids and things like diapers and milk and bedtime(Crib)?