Monday, August 18, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Babes...

Or 4 year olds. Tonight for Family Home Evening, Carter had the lesson. He chose to give the lesson on reverence. This was his insight.

"Reverence isn't just sitting there, its when you think about Jesus."

How true. What a lot of simple insights I have to learn from my kids.


nicole said...

How sweet. Sometimes I don't think the kids aren't listening at all during FHE lessons but then they come out with something like that and it makes it clear that they're actually getting something out of it. Those moments make it all worth it!
By the way, I LOVE the header on your blog! So cute!

Daniel said...

It is fun to see the kids grow and through their simple words teach those that feel they already "know". I am sure my turn is soon coming, when William will teach me what I thought I already knew.