Tuesday, July 21, 2009


While we were in Virginia for the wedding, we had the chance to do a few other things too. One, that the kids looked forward to as much as the wedding was going down to Grandads place at the river. They love being able to go out on the boat and even fishing from the dock. We didn't get a chance to take the boat out this trip. It was rainy most of the morning, so the older two went with Grandad, Drew and Nonnie down to the dock to fish while E got a much needed, very long nap.

The first trip to the dock. There was a lot of sitting on the dock and waiting. Not a lot of biting from the fish.
K was able to catch some crab from what I hear. She was the lucky one in the morning.
After E woke up, and we had lunch, we went to the Appich's house and to their dock for a little bit more fishing. Grandad and Nonnie had put the crab pots out the night before, so we also went to see if there was anything that we could cook for dinner.

K loved the one on one time with Grandad. She told him all about Lumpy and what he was doing while she was fishing.

C caught his very first fish all by himself. In the past he has had help with either casting or reeling, but this one he did all on his own. It was croaker: nothing fancy, but perfect for him.
K caught one too, with the help of Grandad.

We checked the crab pots, had enough to take home and headed home ourselves. Grandad showed C how to filet his fish. He cooked up the small pieces and C and K had them for dinner in addition to the fresh crab and all the other fixings. It was a wonderful day to just relax and enjoy the company of family. Thanks Grandad and Nonnie for such a fun time!